This magic cup has the power to bring you healing from any kind of disease such as: high blood pressure, hemorrhoids , HIV / AIDS , malaria, Aymeric , madness etc .... This cup warriors jersey SEVERAL disease I is not the time to describe here . you only have to put water in the cup and boir for 3 days and you will cure any disease on terre.La Cup or Chalice, the tool is connected to the water element , and the Moon. This is a variant of the witches cauldron , symbolizing the womb of Mother Earth ( where everything comes from and where everything returns ), it is the passive , feminine energy and material , and it is similar to the womb of where the nourishing milk flowing. You can take a cut glass or crystal , or a cup any natural material (porcelain , metal) . It takes a cut of sufficient size , but not exaggerated either, that a mazagran is ideal. For the material , the metal is stronger , but beware beware of brass, copper, bronze and tin , as they oxidize in contact with certain liquids and then produce toxic compounds. For your own safety make sure that in this case the inside of the cup is glazed . Avoid as much as possible cuts with religious symbols that could come into conflict with the symbolic witch practice. For purists you can take a silver cup (or alloy majority silver ) engraved with runes and pagan symbols . The cup used to drink preparations or maceration of plants, offer fluids in an evocation to contain salt water exorcisms or drinks ritual libations .

Price : 500 dollars ( this will make you powerful blow guerrire any kind of disease of this world )

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