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This ancestral fetish legba god is a powerful fetish that spewed money 3,500 years old hide by African king mage since the dawn of time. This powerful fetish and immancement designed to give money to him who shall possess .

However , this powerful fetish has the power to throw any amount of money in a remarkable way as ever in magic related to money. this fetish and able to throw more than 10 million frac cfa each day more than $ 35,000 per day . holder of this powerful fetish shook god - in contest money because it will astonish the world including the Financial Plan because it marks the world of money . You have knowledge that will give you powerful fetish of money all your life and even if you die you have to leave to another person who will succeed you on. Once you squeeze into possession of this fetish, it you give money for 3 months then 3èm month fetish will contact you in a dream in your sleep you ask for human blood and that is the true magic of the fetish going to start because once you give n ' any human flesh of your NIOHC , fetish vomit again money for 5 years. After five years apart , you have to give him a new chair of a human blood so that it continues to throw you money as you 've never seen . Fetish This is extremely powerful because it can throw up ' to $ 35,000 per day , and I said because I have personally see you even when this powerful fetish fill your home with money from the bedroom to the living room and there you will know the power of the fetish vomit money for you as never seen on earth.

You need to give him a human sacrifice every 5 years or otherwise not vomit fetish of monies and shook a single statue clay like other ....

If it is, you must give a sacrifice every 5 years he continued to throw money in a remarkable way .

Price: $ 900

tel : 00229 62 18 61 02 OR 00229 93 33 74 08 .

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